What is Handoff?

Do you know what Handoff is?

As stated in CBOK 4.0, Handoff is any point in the process where work or information passes from one system, person or group to another, it is a transfer in that process.

Some risks of having too many handoffs:

  • Disconnections and communication failures;
  • Possible creation of bottlenecks and loss of time;
  • Misinterpretation of information.

Some actions to reduce and/or eliminate risks:

  • Simplify and limit transfers;
  • Standardize Processes;
  • Use technologies that reduce manual actions;
  • Increase the traceability of information with DPA.

Watch out for the Handoffs! They are often unavoidable, but awareness of the stages of the process and their standardization helps in the proper conduct of work routines.

What is Handoff?

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