What is RPA?

RPA allows your work to become much more valuable when you instruct the robot to perform the repetitive tasks of your routine, optimizing your time to perform more cognitive and human work, and reducing costs! Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that uses software to automate business process tasks using bots (robots) to simulate […]

Why do you need a Low Code plataform to automate your processes?

Low Code platforms speed up development work, with their low need for coding, using “Drag and Drop” as their highest quality. Bizagi and Low Code: Bizagi is a Low Code Process Automation platform, allowing the creation of forms in the Drag and Drop model (drag and drop) and the use of several ready-made components for […]

Processes Automation – What does your company wins?

Automation is a strategy that combines technology with daily activities, which can be adopted in different areas of a company. Advantages for your company: Optimizes activities Reduces operating costs Make communication easier Generates security for management Increases productivity Standardizes processes and reduces errors While technology advances in studies and increasingly offers intelligent and high-performance solutions, […]

Communication Problems – How to identify and solve these problems

Signs of communication problems during work routines: Constant failures High level of rework Lack of interaction between company sectors Lack of feedbacks Email box overload Words “dropped in the wind” An inefficient dialogue between sectors of the same company brings considerable risks to the proper functioning and growth of the entire brand. The risks: Extensive […]

Low Productivity – What are the reasons and how to solve them?

Reducing the productivity of Employees in an Organization is an obstacle to be overcome in work routines, in the name of their emotional health and good Organizational results. Possible reasons for low productivity: Work overload; Low sense of purpose in the activities performed; Repetitive tasks; Constant communication failure; Excessive bureaucracy; Inadequate training; Unfavorable environment; Among […]

Do you know the difference between DPA and RPA?

Technology has been a great ally in work routines, making them more agile, with less failures and even a reduced cost. But did you know that, before implementing a technology, it is necessary to look for the one that best meets your needs? Therefore, we will present the differences between DPA (Digital Process Automation) and […]

5 Barreiras na Automação de Testes

A Automação de Testes de Softwares é um processo que traz muitas vantagens para toda a organização. Mas, antes de colher os benefícios, há também muitas pedras pelo caminho que precisam ser retiradas, principalmente quando as equipes não incorporaram a automação como parte do processo de desenvolvimento. Listamos a seguir 5 barreiras que precisam ser […]

DPA (Digital Process Automation) e RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – Diferenças e Complementaridades

Como diferenciar e utilizar apropriadamente cada plataforma, DPA e RPA, no que melhor oferecem? Esse artigo busca esclarecer os conceitos e apresentar um pequeno guia para a melhor decisão.

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