Capacitações 4.0

Strategic Definition

The courses in this module are dedicated to building the foundations for the BPM Journey (Business Process Management or Business Process Management) of organizations. On the one hand, providing the essential concepts for any process improvement implementation. On the other hand, presenting the path to successful change, which includes both organizational aspects (roles and structures) as well as techniques for collecting and selecting the best opportunities.

Audience: applies both to the leaders who will lead the BPM Journey, as well as to the Architects and Process Analysts who wish to act on the definitions of the paths to be chosen in this journey.

Tactical Preparation

The paths for the Digital Transformation of organizations go through the improvement of their most important processes. Conducting this Journey requires the application of effective methods to model, analyze and choose the best solutions, which will necessarily involve identifying the best technologies. The courses in this module present the most used techniques for Modeling and Redesign, but, in addition, they offer a broad view of the main technologies that are revolutionizing our processes.
Audience: BPM Leaders, Process Analysts, Systems Analysts and anyone interested in learning more about the process lifecycle and the most important technologies for BPM.


In this module, we dive into techniques aimed at process automation, going through BPMN notation, which allows us to represent our processes with a wealth of details unprecedented in the world of notations. We start with a discussion of what changes in our modeling style when we adopt BPMN, move on to deepening the notation, and close the module by bringing our processes to life through automation.
Audience: Process Analyst, Systems Analyst and anyone interested in knowing more about how to use all the richness of BPMN notation and how to transform processes into a living element in the organization through Automation.

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