Test Automation

Ensure the quality of your software by automating tests

What is Test Automation?

Automating tests is using tools to verify, in a fully automatic way, if a system is serving its purpose. With automated testing, you gain more security and efficiency when releasing software by identifying  problems in advance and getting application quality feedbacks quickly, in addition to avoiding headaches with product defects and preventing negative impacts on your business success.

Test Automation Benefits

Among the main benefits of test automation, we can highlight the reinforcement of the quality assurance of a created software, increase in test reliability, reduction of time used in manual tests, faster feedback of problems detected in the software, cost reduction and improvement in the software development process.

Quality assurance
Cost reduction
Greater Assertiveness
Quick Feedbacks

UiPath Test Suite

UiPath combines the leading technologies used in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with the best testing capabilities to accelerate the implementation of application tests.

The platform presents a complete solution that has more than 5000 customers around the world in 2019. Its portfolio includes companies from the most diverse industries and sizes, with a support focused on customer success

Katalon Studio

Recognized as Customer's Choice for Software Test Automation by Garnet Peer Insights in 2020, Katalon Studio is able to easily generate automated tests for any platform and operating system, having a library of Templates for quick use of the tool.

Automate your Tests!

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