Process Architecture

Process architecture enables an end-to-end alignment of your business processes with business strategies!

What is Process Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is a set of elements that make up the Organization in order to make it work in harmony. Dealing with the elements of the Organization (capacities, processes, roles, structures, maturity, etc.) directs it towards what is defined by the strategies. In this scenario, Process Architecture plays a massively important role in preparing the corporate environment for a routine of optimized work.

Architecture Benefits

Among the main benefits of Process Architecture, we can highlight the materialization of the company's operation, creating a tool that helps strategic alignments, grants power to analyze the current scenario to optimize work routines, allows the identification of problems installed in business processes that directly impact the end customer, enable greater assertiveness in the definition of business actions, among others.

Functioning Structure
Strategic Alignment
Problem solving
Definition of Scrip

Some areas that benefit from architecture




Human Resources


Risk management

Towards Digital Transformation!

The Process Architecture in the BPM context aims to answer some questions that make the business structure clearer and known to the parties involved. By tabulating the existing processes (on at least two levels: value chain and processes), standardization and organization provide a clearer path for the elaboration of business strategies, as well as making possible the assertive application of technologies that facilitate work routines.

Structure your Processes!

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