Do you know the difference between DPA and RPA?

Technology has been a great ally in work routines, making them more agile, with less failures and even a reduced cost. But did you know that, before implementing a technology, it is necessary to look for the one that best meets your needs?

Therefore, we will present the differences between DPA (Digital Process Automation) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation).


  1. Automates Processes, end to end;
  2. Provides connection between activities;
  3. Multiple authors;
  4. Standardizes workflows;
  5. Stores data relevant to the Process;
  6. Generate documents;
  7. Send information automatically;
  8. Allows integration with legacy systems;
  9. Among others.


  1. Automates work tasks;
  2. Able to perform work without manual command;
  3. Reduces user fatigue when performing repetitive and non-value-added work;
  4. Interpret information;
  5. Focus on specific procedures;
  6. Deliver task results faster and more accurately;
  7. Among others.

For comparison: DPA automates processes, while RPA automates tasks.

We provide an article that details the differences and complementarities of each of these technologies, Check it out!

Click here and learn more about it!

Do you know the difference between DPA and RPA?

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